Display bug with outer worlds

So I was trying to get HDR to work with outer worlds, and everything was seemingly working fine, but as soon as I restarted the game to fully enable it, the window size completely bugs out. It looks like this:

Basically only the top left quarter of the game displays. At first I thought it was a scaling bug, since I have a 4k TV that I play stuff on that I have set to 200% scaling, so I turned scaling back to 100% and logged out to force the scaling change, but the same bug happens. Weird thing is it just hangs on that quarter of the AMD logo there and I have to force it closed with the task manager. So something here is breaking but I’m not sure what.

Try setting an override resolution in Special K’s control panel (under window management, or by clicking on the appropriate resolution row at the top of the window) and then restart the game.

Special K HDR seemed to be working last time I tried Outer Worlds.