Dishonored 2's HUD/Tooltips look corrupted/jumbled after opening pause menu with Special K enabled

I have tried with and without HDR enabled (and with HDR enabled I have tried all combinations of 8 bit/10 bit/11 bit remastering). I have tried changing some settings in rendering settings. I have also tried both the injected version of Special K and the global version. Nothing fixes the issue, except removing Special K from the game.

Something to note is that the issue seems to only occur after I open the pause menu in-game.


Disable texture caching for textures without mipmaps under the D3D11 / Texture Management settings and restart.

That should fix the problem.

That would be disabling texture caching entirely (by unchecking the checkbox)? Or checking “ignore textures without mipmaps”?

I mean “ignore …,” that would be the first thing to try if this happens in a game. In some very rare cases you need to disable texture caching completely.

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Thanks, that worked!