Disable Special K overlay/UI?

I was wondering if there is any possibility of disabling the Special K overlay/UI without disabling the mod. I’m asking because I’m trying to get Special K to work with Dark Souls PTDE, which seems to crash when drawing any overlay (it crashes when using monitoring RTSS as well)

I’ve never tried it, but there are options to disable CEGUI and lmgui, I believe. CEGUI is used for the OSD information, if you happen to have that on, and lmgui is the normal Control Panel UI. You should be able to find those in the INI.

Sounds like the game crashes due to other tools hooking the swapchain, which is sorta required for SK to even bring its features to the table.

You can disable CEGUI (the yellow OSD module) by setting the EnableCEGUI parameter to false, but Imgui (the widgets and control panel) will still be enabled. You can also disable specific APIs under the [API] section of the config file, but… I mean… that’s basically gonna disable SK for that API…


I’m not entirely sure. It can load Special K in windowed mode, but that has some weird persistent stutter I cannot seem to fix.

When using fullscreen, the global input makes the game fail to load. Using the local dll you can see Special K or RTSS load before it “switches” to fullscreen, which is when the game hangs. CTRL-ALT-Delete then shows a few frames of the game loading until the crash sound is played.

This is the crash log:
11/05/2020 11:15:38.049:
Unhandled Top-Level Exception (c0000005):


[ FaultMod ] # File…: ‘C:\Game Programs\Steam\steamapps\common\Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition\DATA\DARKSOULS.exe’
[ FaultMod ] * EIP Addr.: DARKSOULS.exe+008FDE50h
[StackFrame] <-> Eip=00cfde50h, Esp=0019fadch, Ebp=0019fb3ch
[StackFrame] >-< Esi=110c3000h, Edi=07fe5d20h
[ GP Reg ] eax: 0x88760800 ebx: 0x0019fb5c
[ GP Reg ] ecx: 0x0019fb2c edx: 0xa2000000
[ GP Flags ] EFlags: 0x00210246