Direct x 11 issues no games will start

The program works fine on first run and I can access it in game but after I turn HDR on and restart the game I get a direct x 11 feature level 10 required error. After I turn it on no steam games will start until I force stop the program all with the same error. I’m running the latest nividia drivers. Has anyone else run into this error? Is there a fix I’m running the beta version 0.11.1

What game is this? Potentially I’m only covering feature level 11_xyz since nothing of any value / that is not obsolete exists in feature level 10

I was trying to run it in halo reach

Probably can’t be fixed, I get the impression the engine creates multiple swapchains with different feature levels. That’s not compatible with flip model, and thus, not compatible with HDR.

On a whim, try this version:

SpecialK64.7z (7.6 MB)

I’ll give it a go. It’s interesting digital foundry claims to have it running in their video so there must be something on my end that is causing the issue

Old games never work reliably :stuck_out_tongue: So who knows.

Technically halo reach is brand new

Just using ancient APIs, great.

Halo MCC makes use of flip model by default if I remember it correctly. Dunno if it was discard or sequential, but flip it uses.

So I figured out my issue I had installed reshade on MCC a while ago. Once I removed the reshade install it worked perfectly