Digimon Cyber Sleuth Complete Edition multiple issues

this is more of a bug report; though if any guidance could be given i would love to get HDR working in this game (basically the only reason i use SpecialK)

Special K version: 0.11.1 (Also tried 0.11.45 and 0.11.50)
Renderer: OpenGL

1.) I am unable to accept the EULA to as i am unable to click the “Accept” button in the SpecialK menu once brought up (both on Mouse/Keyboard and controller inputs suffer from this)

2.) the SpecialK overlay (and presumably all effects are limited to the bottom left quadrant of the screen.

Probably heaps of other issues as well; however without being-able to accept the EULA i cannot go any further to test.

Other information can be provided at request; I’m posting here mostly as bug reporting. if there is a better place i’ll happily remake this post.

HDR is not possible in OpenGL.

I’d offer to help you with the other stuff, but you just mentioned HDR is the only reason you use SK :stuck_out_tongue: There’s zero chance of it ever working in that game :frowning:

Ah bummer!

Well if you’d like to get it working I’m happy to help, otherwise it doesn’t matter to me.