DgVoodoo+Special K texture modding

In order to use texture modding you have to unhide hidden textures and click “all textures” the problem is that only the dgvoodoo logo appears as being used in mod tools which makes it difficult to get the selected texture.
Would it be possible to make it so textures on screen will appear in the used section?

Texture injection itself works perfectly.

Hmm, I see. Somehow it’s bypassing normal resource binding. I guess that shouldn’t come as a surprise since it’s translating from a completely different API and not concerned about doing things the D3D11 way :wink:

Can you mousever the texture preview (of the original, unmodified texture) until you get a tooltip and then provide a copy of that screenshot? That may help figure this out.

Do you mean like this? Had a look myself

One of the few I looked at was Danganronpa but the textures don’t show or dump correctly, which I’m assuming is due to them being “R32_TYPELESS”.

Unrelated, but also shown in the screenshot is the framebuffer being 1920x1088 (a multiple of the PSP/Vita resolution)

Beyond Good & Evil was also the same as far as dumping, dumped them via the generate mipmap button, but I couldn’t move the mouse to be able to adjust the window to turn the option on to see the textures in the list.

Wasn’t able to get any textures in anything injected.

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Some games need mipmaps and won’t load the texture unless you generate them and vice versa. I’ve managed to get DgVoodoo texutre injection working in Arkham Origins Blackgate, Injustice 1 and a few of the earlier Assassin’s Creed games as well as Tomb Raider.

The R32 textures are probably palleted.

Haven’t had any luck injecting in general so I’m just going to put it as that, I did try an older version of SK that I can get injection working with in DX11 games, but the wrapped games just crashed.

The Danganronpa textures at least show and dump in DX9, and the hash is same between DX9 and DX11 dumps.

Also some MGS2 textures can be dumped when wrapped to DX11, while it doesn’t seem to be all of them, I’m surprised any even showed at all with it being DX8

I tried replacing some textures in MGS2, only a few textures showed as replaced and only the ones generated by the mipmap cache, but instead of showing the new texture, it actually shows a completely random texture

How the original and replacement texture looks

How it shows in game in the texture viewer

So things like this can happen

It will randomly change every now and then after a loading zone, I’m guessing this is similar to the text issue that some games have when non-mipmapped caching is enabled

It’s a consequence of how textures are uploaded in dgVoodoo. Frankly, if I knew how texture mods were being enabled in the first place, I’d disable them.

It’s not really a sensible thing to do to try and intercept memory-mapped texture loads, they tend to receive changes to loaded assets without any real notice. That’s fundamentally incompatible with Special K’s texture modding, since it relies on a cache and if that cache is not consistent then texture mods will not be either…

Last version of SpecialK to load the textures and correctly put them in “used” was (AKA SK 0.10.0 HDR, not sure if that helps at all.

Some games don’t run the mods correctly but the majoirty of games do, even some Direct3D8 ones like Vice City.

While I’d definitely like texture mods to work with dgVoodoo, I’m finding it interesting just seeing what works and what doesn’t, just what happens in general. I just found it really weird how MGS2’s showed random textures that weren’t even in the inject folder when a texture did manage to get “replaced”, and the only thing I could think of that was similar was how the text messes up in some games

That was the last version I could get working for most games anyway, native DX11 ones at least. I’ve not had much success when paired with dgvoodoo so far, both dx8 and 9