Deus Ex Human Revolution HDR Artefacts + ReShade not Launching

Using the most current version of SKIF.

I am playing the Director’s Cut version from Steam, and am encountering a weird issue when trying to inject HDR into the DX11 version of the game.

Sometimes during a level, and at certain camera angles, a weird translucent polygon shows up on screen. Please see this for reference.

It is not frequent, but it is distracting when it shows up.

Another issue: I cannot get ReShade to inject alongside Special K using the Global configuration. I have not tried converting to a Local installation.

I have read the documentation on using ReShade in tandem with Special K, and I cannot get it to work.

I’ve tried setting SleeplessRenderThread and ShowInVideoCapture both to False.

I’ve tried turning off the Steam Overlay; no dice.

Maybe it’s because of the split DX9 vs DX11 this game uses, and ReShade can’t figure out which API or something? I have no idea.

I set up ReShade + Special K HDR no problem in Mankind Divided in DX 11, so I have no idea what’s going on here.

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First, are you using any HDR remastering options? That should be about the only scenario where rendering could be altered, generally this all behaves like a post-process rather than affecting intermediate passes where geometry is rendered.

For ReShade, loading it from the unofficial plug-in directory is usually the most compatible. I also have a custom version cut down (and several versions old) that has enhanced compatibility. It ships with SK’s full distribution.

Hi Kaldaien, thanks for taking the time.

Other than adjusting Paper White in the OSD, I’ve left all HDR settings at stock. I have not tried the remastering options yet. Is it worth trying the remastering options?

As for ReShade, from reading the documentation, it says that the unofficial version is not compatible with ReShade’s current shaders, I’ll still give it a try when I have time though.