Death Stranding - frame pacing

It’s a D3D12 game so I understand SpecialK support is limited, but any way to get it working? This is the Steam version, can’t get the global injector to show up.

Basically have a GTX 1660, plan to run it at “4k” (well, 75% scaling with AMD Fidelity FX) at 30fps. The 30fps limiter is…not as awful as other games, but it’s def not a perfect 33.3 ms pacing. Rivatuner with 1 set for Scanline Sync X/2 helps a little, but only Nvidia half-rate refresh really locks it, but of course there’s the poor input lag with that.

Would like to see if Special K’s excellent limiter could have a go.

Ok figured out how to get it working, no UI but that looks to be expected. Can get a 30fps lock, albeit doesn’t seem to be any smoother than Rivatuner atm so might have to do some more experimenting.

One issue I’ve noticed though (not really related to Special K) is GPU usage with vsync in this game, either forced through the Nvidia CP or in game, is lower than it should be. I can set my res to 4k with AMD Fidelity FX and get ~40fps (limit set to 60 in-game), but my GPU usage is around 85%. Turn off vsync, ~45 fps, GPU usage 99%. The clock speed is always where it should be, but vsync is holding the usage back for some reason.

Edit: This game also has persistent microstuttering, 60 or 30fps. Rivatuner. Forced vsync. Special K. Absolutely nothing can get rid of it, I’ve never seen a game with this persistent level of micro stutter I couldn’t eliminate. It’s maddening.

Are you running an AMD CPU?

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Nope, i5-9400.

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