Dead Rising 4 - No detection

SK doesn’t detect Dead Rising 4 at all. Not locally or globally. Does anyone know how to solve that problem or is it a dead end ?

Thanks in advance.

The only way I managed to get Special K into the game was to launch the game, allow it to reach the main menu, and then alt+tab and start the global injection through SKIF.

Any other attempt at injecting Special K at launch, either locally or globally, just caused the game to crash.

I even tried older versions down to v0.9.20 which also experienced the exact same issue.

So a delay global injection seems to be the only working solution, but this also limits what Special K can do in the game (no flip model presentation or HDR, for example).


That sucks. Was hoping for retrofitting HDR. Thanks @Aemony

Hmm that’s curious it’s available on Windows Store I think but the other version should be a standard Steam game and I don’t think Capcom put anything special in it either, D3D11 API and that should be everything.

Newer Reshade versions also don’t work. Only version 4.2.1 works.

Yeah that’s the same as I found there’s probably something incorrect with the games D3D11 implementation or it’s one of those complicated ones that might be going one API for the video playback and then back to D3D11 after that it’s rare but some titles do that.

Wonder if the game uses WMV I would have expected BIK but it might be some other media format.