Darksouls 3 and any tips?

Hey folks first love the work you guys do and I appreciate you.
OK so just wanted to give a heads up not sure if there’s a place for reporting bugs but specialK and DS3 crash when I try to switch gender in start up.
Second I kinda just use the mod mostly for achievement sound, is there something I can click where the mod does almost nothing in the background to avoid as much unexpected crashes as possible and just keep the steam enhancement on?
Thanks in advance.

I haven’t tried it myself, but you might be able to achieve it by setting the render APIs to false in SK’s config file?

Sorry, this isn’t really a typical scenario so changes that it might not work are high.

Are you using a modern version of Special K or the age old “Souls Unsqueezed” version btw? Because version 0.5 of the Souls Unsqueezed version has been found to trigger some ban or something in Dark Souls 3 if I remember it correctly. I am unsure if the modern version of SK does that too or if it is safe to use.

Thanks Aemony for the reply. I’m currently using the current test version 21.10.22. front-end 0.9.0. Hopefully I’m on the most recent version. I’ll be honest most of the mod goes over my head. And I understand I can get banned on multiplayer games so I avoid them with specialk. I’m going mostly offline with ds3 to avoid a ban but also because there’s a lot hacks out there.

So a quick update on this. Apparently going offline sometimes causes achievements not to pop. Just had it happen to me with the first boss. So you either use special K on online and risk a ban or go offline and risk achievements not popping… fun. Unfortunately this was also a problem with Sekiro offline or online. I guess somethings never change with Fromsoftware and the PC ports.