Dark Souls III: Souls Unsqueezed

Didn’t know if anybody was interested, but i’m interested to know if the new Special K works with DS3, when the game is running and special K is open it mentions in the window that its unsqueezed, and a config is made here:

Documents\My Mods\SpecialK\Profiles\DARK SOULS™ III

I have no true how to get it to configure like the old unsqueezed, i’ve tried using the DS3T.exe but the config was not changed, and all i want is the resolution to be changed from 1920x1080 to 2560x1080 but im not sure if unsqueezed is actually implemented properly.

Probably best to keep to the old game-specific versions. There’s also reports that using the newer Souls Unsqueezed versions results in bans handed out, although v0.4.0 should be save to use, see the compatibility list on PCGamingWiki:


Well while i get its the best thing to do, theres a lot more new settings Special K brings across since the last update is ages ago, so i thought whats the harm in seeing if Special K has the support to access unsqueezed config.

The Dark Souls 3 profile is part of the source code same as Nier and a few others though less extensive mods but later versions of SpecialK including DS3T / Souls Unsqueezed itself have a chance or are almost guaranteed to hit the soft ban state of being blocked from the common multiplayer space and activities from other players and will only see activity from others that are also soft banned.

I don’t think appeals work for third party utilities such as SpecialK either.

So that’s the main drawback.

Config wise if it’s not using a secondary ini file the categories should be added to the main config.





If there is a secondary ini it should be named SoulsUnsqueezed.ini and it’d likely be in the game folder since I don’t think it would branch off into the user folders like the main SpecialK config does now.
(Older plugin.)

If these don’t do anything at all or seem to work then the mod is not entirely part of SpecialK’s code and like Final Fantasy X, Tales of Zestiria, Berseria and Symphonia you need the stand-alone version for full functionality.

I think Fallout 4 too and then Nier Automata would have been part of this but that project was updated more recently so it now works in the newest version of SpecialK also along with how there’s profiles with game specific defaults and smaller compatibility tweaks or fixes outside of these larger projects. :slight_smile:
(Far as I know that is, not 100% on the state of FAR for Nier Automata.)

EDIT: Dragons Dogma as well, there’s been a few stand-alone fixes and tweaks since the Batman Arkham Knight memory tuneups.
(Monster Hunter World I suppose also qualifies as having a bit more to it than some of the other stuff from the full list.)

So the location of the folder is at:

C:\Users\User\Documents\My Mods\SpecialK\Profiles\DARK SOULS™ III

The files inside the folder are:


And inside the SoulsUnsqueezed.ini this is all thats written:


So if i put the config you posted in the SoulsUnsqueezed.ini file you think SpecialK will load it? I’m going to try because this SoulsUnsqueezed file was generated by the current SpecialK branch and i’ve never used the old branch on my current install of Windows.

I tried playing with these settings which i threw into SoulsUnsqueezed.ini and didn’t seem to work :frowning:





Been a long time since I played Dark Souls 3 or used the tweaker to set up the Souls Unsqueezed utility.
Hmm it creates the actual ini file so I would have thought it should also be reading and using it and it instead of there just being a SpecialK.ini without the game specific settings.

Interesting that it actually also directed the Unsqueezed ini file into the My Mods folder and the newer SpecialK path instead of the games installation folder but maybe that’s part of SpecialK and less the code for Souls Unsqueezed and it creating this file.

Actually hmm how does this work again you use the sacrificial resolution too I think.
Set that to something like 1920x1080 and then from the game itself using 1920x1080 overrides to the options here so it should try to match 2560x1080

Curious also on scaling for ultra-wide functionality I can see the HUD stretch option and offsets but maybe that’s all that’s needed. :slight_smile:

EDIT: This is one of those topics that got deleted I think too so anything Kaldaien wrote or explained on the Steam forums might be gone unless preserved or some other user copied it before. Will see if I can find that too.

EDIT: Nope. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Wonder if I missed a setting somewhere.

Nope CorrectAspect from the guide isn’t one of the settings exposed in this plugin source file at least not the same as the others I found.


This I presume means the game has to be set to windowed mode at least for that bit from the guide.

EDIT: Then what about the 0.11.x source.

And it’s plugins.

Dark Souls 3 is there at least.

And the same settings as listed already.

EDIT: But yeah a “sacrificial” resolution to use as a override seems to be how it’s set.

Default of scaling up 1280x720 too I think, my code skills are pretty much terrible though.

EDIT: But yeah setting something low or just going with 1280x720 as the sacrificial res and then selecting this from in-game seems like it should override that resolution with the set resolution which in this case is 2560x1080

Hmm don’t remember if that showed as 2560x1080 in-game after doing that or if it kept the original.

BTW, you know that column with the numbers on the left?

Click a line, hold shift, and select a later line to get a link that highlights code. (Here’s lines 260-268)

Getting a permalink is a bit more involved, but those don’t matter for code that I haven’t updated in years :slight_smile:

In any case, the way that code works is by replacing the least useful of the game’s hard-coded resolutions (800x450) with a more useful value (the one stored in SK’s config) :wink:

You can no longer select 800x450 in-game anymore, but if you wanted to do that, you have bigger issues.

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I moved this thread, hopefully notifications, etc. are still working correctly for all parties involved. These forums do not have the most intuitive procedure for moving threads and keeping replies, etc. sync’d up :confused:

Thanks Kaldaien! and am going to test using the sacraficial resolution now.

Edit: Tried it but didn’t seem to show any results, tested with multiple resolutions :frowning:

Hi, is it possible to get HDR to work with Souls Unsqueezed somehow? I got everything working, 32:9 and I’ve managed to unlock the frame-rate, sadly I don’t think I can run Special K alongside Souls Unsqueezed (I tried global and there was no injection).

Thanks for any help!