Cyberpunk 2077 Optimal HDR

Hey everyone, I just got the new AW3423DW OLED monitor and this is my first PC monitor with HDR. I have an LG B8 TV that I have attempted to do some PC gaming on before but my PC setup makes it annoying to hook up the TV so I really haven’t spent much time learning to properly set up HDR for PC gaming.

With my new monitor I want to try out Cyberpunk for the first time and doing some googling, there is a lot of mixed information from Cyberpunk having broken HDR implementation, to it being fixed in recent patches, to Windows 11 Auto HDR looking better than native, to using Special K, to using in-game HDR with a Reshade…the list goes on.

Does anyone have any up to date information on the best HDR experience for this game?

My current settings are HDR Peak 1000 mode on the monitor. In game I have HDR mode set to HDR10scRGB. Maximum Brightness 1000, Paper White 100, Tone Mapping Midpoint (not sure what to set this to). I have also installed that reshade mod that is supposed to adjust the black levels to account for crushed blacks.

ReShade isn’t really our expertise :rofl: Does it support HDR properly nowadays nowadays so its shaders doesn’t crop the colors as it used to?

In regards to the game itself, I believe it’s still having that weird crushed black levels issue.

Edit: Also, if you have a Discord I highly recommend joining our servers (link at the top) since we have a highly active #HDR channel with users more knowledgeable than myself.

Thanks for your reply. It’s not my expertise either lol. I have just seen it recommended in multiple different forums and threads. I don’t think the preset from the mod is affecting colors at all, only black levels.

I checked the discord and in the HDR channel there are pinned comments from the youtuber JDSP. He has a couple videos on youtube with some recommended settings in which he also uses ReShade to adjust the blacks. Possibly similar to what the preset on nexus does.

Whatever the nexusmods mod does, it’s terrible

Use my pinned values in the HDR channel on the discord for 2077 :slight_smile:

Why not post them out here so people don’t need to join a Discord, and Google might actually lead people to it?