Currently working on a tales of vesperia mod

I’m currently working on a mod for this game to make other characters playable starting with kratos and I’m a little to determined to stop now. so I’ve gotten to a point where I’ve discovered other characters do exist past 9 they don’t function of course but they do show up in the party and under info have magical lens models for characters in the monster book. characters 21 is the most important because he has actual Artes of all the main cast that you can actually equip and boss Artes to such as brave vesperia and Dhaos laser he’s the only one with actual hp and is level 304.

Where I run into a problem is I’m still kind of new to this sorta thing and I actually would love if someone could help me read some of the game files that art in binary so I can actually edit these around because rn all’s I know how to do is convert smaller files from notebook take that ascii jargon make them binary then translate on a website but 1. it doesn’t help if I cant actually change it and 2. there’s large files I cannot view at all on these websites anyway. I tried other forums and looked through lots of places and I figured this would be the best forum to search for any help in this. Thanks to anyone who replies or helps in advance

SpecialK doesn’t work by modifying files. It doesn’t even know about the structure of game files. Yes, it does support Texture modding, but it does so by matching texture hashes as the game loads them into VRAM and can replace them at that time. It doesn’t actually know about the contents of the files, or modifying game logic (outside of more technical things like the framerate limiter), at least as far as Tales of Vesperia goes.

fair enough I appreciate the reply at the very least and i found out on my own anyhow. but hell from everything I’m seeing its really gonna suck not having help on thus haha to bad this games not popular. good luck to ya mates