Crysis Remastered Special K issue

When launching Crysis 2 Remastered with special k i get an error message saying critical assertion failure recyclable d3d11. Also in the special k texture menu it says textures = 76 and 76 misses. And in game reflections in glass and water are appearing as purple. This isn’t happening with windows auto HDR but it goes overboard with the brightness to where you can’t see any sky/cloud detail.

What version? There have been some changes on the Discord releases for this.

Texture cache misses can be ignored, all texture loads are misses the first time. This just means nothing was cached.

At first i was using 22.1.18 and then decided to try 22.4.17 but it had the same issues.

That’s weird, but I guess harmless. This is caused by the flip model overrides, but you can’t use HDR without flip model, so there’s no getting around this.