Controller/Gamepad and UI and game in the bakcground

Hi everyone,
I’m a new to SpecialK.
My Pc is plug to a Sony TV, so i can play on my couch with a controller ( Dualsense).
I use DS4windows with different profiles and Playnite to launch game, and, of course SpeicalK.
I created a profile Xbox360 on DS4windows, so i can use my dualsense to control SpecialK. It work, that is really cool :grinning:
The only problem is, when i navigate in Specialk UI, the button i use with my gameopad also control the game in the background. Is there a way, like the mouse, that when i use my gamepad to control SpecialK, my gamepad don’t interact with the game on the background ?
Thank you all and sorry for my bad english, it’s not my native language.

This can happen in some games depending on which input API they use.

Games with native DualSense support will usually continue to receive input when SK’s control panel is open. There’s not a whole lot that can be done about that, unfortunately. But those games are very few.

ah ok, thank you. You’re right, it happen on Avatar Frontiers of pandora, which accept dualsense ( with adaptative triggers wirelessy :grinning: ). Ok i should test it on another game. Thank you.

Will SpecialK accept some days Dualsense or Dualshock directly ? Without the need of DS4Windows or other program ?
Thank you,