Control HDR with RTX (Clutching at straws)

Pretty sure I know the answer to this but thought i’d check. Is there any way to get HDR and DX12 working on control so I can really enjoy this game at its best?

I just watched the digital foundry video and was really impressed at the PC HDR implementation of the mod.



Yeah, it’s been supported since late November :slight_smile:

Just use one of the D3D12 builds on Discord.

[Discord #releases]


I’ll look into it now. Do you need patreon for discord? I’ll sort that out later.

Side question then.
Stock HDR implementation Cyberpunk isn’t great. Would this mod give me greater flexibility to get it looking how I want?

There’s a little bit of room for improvement using SK in Cyberpunk 2077, not a lot though. The game was kind of broken in so many other ways that I didn’t commit much to it. You might just want to turn the in-game HDR off and use SK’s HDR, rather than trying to adjust the game’s HDR using SK (it’s doable, but complicated).

As for Discord, no. It’s effectively a public server, but that #releases link’s not going to work until you join the server using the link at the top of the site.

I’ve joined and gone Patreon as the work being done deserves a little something back.

Thanks for the replies.

I just tried Control last night with the latest Special K release off the discord.

It hooked in the first time I loaded the game (got all the text etc top left) but then it went wrong and I had to quit out.

Now when I load the game Special K will not hook at all. (I’d already added “Control.exe” to the Whitelist section by the way). This is the Windows Gameopass version of the game too if that helps.
Any ideas? I’m stumped as it did hook the first time!

Probably RTSS breaking things. It messes that game up real good.

Also, for the Windows Store version, Control.exe is only the launcher. You need to whitelist the actual game too.

Hi Kal. What do you mean “whitelist the actual game”?
I have contrtol.exe whitelisted and also “WindowsApps” whitelisted (which helped for MS flight sim gamepass version). Should I be typing something else too into the whitelist?

Also, just tried disabling RTSS (and therefore Afterburner too) and it will now hook!

However, I can’t get the game to run in anything other than a window and it seems very buggy - I’ve not even got to trying HDR yet!
Is this because Dx12 isn’t really supported properly yet by SpecialK, for any games?

EDIT! Getting somewhere…followed the advice in another topic…



You can sometimes workaround it by adding the Special-K dlls to the injection delay triggers in RTSS Global profile:

Go to the RTSS installation folder, go to Profiles, open the Global file; You should have a InjectionDelay and InjectionDelayTriggers lines, if you don’t you can add them under the [Hooking] heading. On the InjectionDelay line you can set the delay amount in milliseconds, the default is 15000. On the InjectionDelayTriggers you can define which dll or exe will trigger the delay, there you can add the Special-K dlls. At the end it should look like this:

> InjectionDelay=15000
> InjectionDelayTriggers=Galaxy.dll,SpecialK32.dll,SpecialK64.dll,IGO32.dll,EOSOVH-Win32-Shipping.dll,EOSOVH-Win64-Shipping.dll,easyanticheat_x64.dll,easyanticheat_x86.dll,dinput8.dll

As you can see, I’ve added the Special-K dlls and other Overlay dlls (GOG Galaxy, Ubisoft Connect, Epic Games), Easy Anti-Cheat and injectors using dinput8.dll.

This generally works, but it might not work on some games.

…Doing this got the game to hook with RTSS running! And I was also able to click around in the display menu and window management section of Specialk and somehow getting it running fullscreen properly. Will try out HDR in a bit…