Can't figure texture injection for ps4 controller buttons for Nier Replicant

can anyone help me figure out how to get ps4 button prompts on replicant i downloaded the texture files from the wiki and put them in the game folder with no luck then i put them into the texture folder under my documents > my mods etc. i don’t know how to enable them in the special k mod itself though

How have you installed Special K for the game? The instructions written on the wiki is assuming the user has installed the mod according to the Installation section:

Also, are you using ReShade? As also mentioned on the wiki, texture injection isn’t compatible when also using ReShade.

yeah special k is installed i start the service and it loads up fine and seems to work for 60 fps limiting also no i don’t use reshade.

oh wait you mean that archive will that work for the latest game version or will i have to follow the guide to downgrade it?

got the issue sorted on discord

hey man how did you fix this issue? I have the exact same problem.

Instructions for how to install DS4 button prompts are here: