Cannot stop global injection

Having some frustrating issues with special K.

I am unable to stop global injection, this means I cannot now play multiplayer games at all.
The injection it self… doesn’t even work.
Restarting the program several times has no effect, when it launches it’s still running global injection

Will be replying to everyone, let me know if you need more details

Restart the computer.

If it still appears as running you probably have enabled autostart — if this is the case launch the Task Scheduler of Windows and look for a task called “SK_Logon” and remove it if present.

It is also possible you might have mistakenly installed the older SKIM injection frontend’s autostart. Check the mortification are / traybar of Windows for an application called “SKIM” and if so, right click on it and uncheck “Start with Windows”.

Provade faktiskt redan att starta om datorn, roligt, jag startar om datorn, fungerar inte
Stänger av datorn och sedan på den, fungerar LMAO