[Bug Report][Trine 4] Framelimiter makes game run at half the entered limit

When playing Trine 4 using, any entered framelimiter value actually halves the framerate that is output. So for example, entering a 60 FPS framelimit makes the game run at 30 fps.

Any thoughts, comments, things I missed, are welcome.

Have you tried other versions?

Here are pre-release versions of, BTW. I did adjust the framerate limiter code a bit, but I doubt it will change whatever problem you are having:

SpecialK64.7z (7.6 MB) SpecialK32.7z (6.3 MB)

It’s not really a problem for me, because I can just set the framelimiter to double the amount I want. Just thought you’d like to know this is a thing that can apparently happen under certain circumstances.

Don’t have Trine 4 to look, but this sounds exactly the same as what happens in Mafia 2 Definitive Edition, it would look and feel like 30, Steam’s fps counter would show 30 yet SK’s would be 60, so you’d have to lock to 120 to get 60.
Did just try it with the pre-release and it was the same in that too

Wonder if it’s a game bug.

EDIT: So change that line to 60 or higher and that might increase the cap and whatever is causing it to bug by assuming battery and limiting framerate.

Was thinking something along the lines of some method of buffered VSync but it might just be something like this.
(Though it’s curious that capping the framerate halves the value of said cap and having to double it when using SpecialK.)

The only thing I could even think of was that the game renders every frame twice and SK and Steam’s FPS counters see it differently, but I’ve no idea how the frame counters work and if that would even be possible.

Oh yeah a few games had some interpolation going on for appearing like it’s 60 but it’s 30 think there’s one of those handled in SpecialK already but I can’t remember which game it was.

It’s in all games. I ignore fake frames :slight_smile:

The Steam overlay counts them.