Brightness/Gamma calibration helper

Most games have a calibration/adjustment section where you see an insignia or a logo for example that tells you “Please adjust brightness until the blah blah is just slightly visible”. Problem is not all games have that and I think something like that in Special K would help a lot. A lot of times I’m not sure if I set brightness too high or low. I know it’s up to the eye of the beholder but sometimes I don’t trust my eyes :sweat_smile:

It does this already, it reads the edid of the display and that is what the max lum. is set to when you don’t enable FULL.

Yes it’s not actually very accurate as each display varies, but SK is making HDR from SDR. Each game is slightly different and so a universal slider isn’t perfect as in native HDR games where the game knows the brightness of it’s own engine.

This is why you can check the false colours and look for pink pixels, each game is made differently and some games just blast 100% white on elements of the game (see every 2D game I can think of). Yeah this could be made easier for sure, but at the moment Kal is trying to get compatibility down and then work on the visuals more.

It’s pretty much impossible for me to implement something like that, each game has its own color grading, and my calibration image would not match. That’s why the calibration process has you find the brightest thing you can in the actual game and then adjust the picture according to that.

I cannot know the full range of brightness a game is going to use ahead of time, some of them far exceed SDR limits as soon as I allow them to go brighter than 1.0. Others will stay within SDR limits at all times. SK’s calibration process is there to handle the games that go beyond SDR brightness.

In future versions, SK will keep track of peak luminance output from the game over time and try to simplify some of this stuff. But it’s always going to be a per-game thing and me showing you a checkerboard pattern or whatever and telling you to balance out the brightness would only be effective for calibrating SK’s UI :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, thanks for the clarification :+1: