BEST IDEA. What if specialK tool had a chatbox for the game we were playing

at the very bottom of the specialK window it tells you PRECISELY how many players are playing the same as you. It says 291 right now as i play stalker clear sky

this is priceless to me because i’ve always disliked that steam hides the concurrent users playing# if its below 350-ish

Then i had a crazy awesome idea. What if we could click that number and a little chat window popped up where we could talk to other people ONLY playing the same specific game as us right now. I would be like “yo im in lemansk right now wheres the secret bridge entrance”.

heres video of me playing where i am praising specialK tool and the video where i thought of this idea

Not possible, as Steam doesn’t reveal that information. I don’t think they even allow unsolicited DMs between non-friends either?

Anyway, the player count comes from Steam itself — even if they hid it in their own overlay they still expose it through the API which Special K and other services such as SteamDB makes use of, ergo why we have the figure to begin with.

aww fiddlesticks, well thanks for imaging it with me :smiley: