Assassin's Creed Origins - Water Flicker Shader Bug [Workaround Petition]

Hi everyone!

I am here by writing to all my fellow community members and Kaldaien about this particular issue that has been plaguing Assassin’s Creed Origins.

Nvidia driver 465.89 introduced a nasty water shader bug in the game that renders all water surfaces above or below water level incorrectly. The surface begins to flicker after a while, particularly near boats. This is believed to be caused by an incorrect API call that has somehow been broken by that Nvidia driver update. This issue however is not present on AMD GPUs.

I am very kindly and respectfully asking if it would be possible for Kaldaien , or anyone else using the existing tools, to develop a fix for this issue. The discourse on this matter has been going nowhere, as neither Nvidia nor Ubisoft are willing to admit responsibility for this, nor are they willing to fix it, blaming the other party for this mistake every time it is brought up.

Below I am leaving a few links to existing discussions on the matter.



Thank you all very much!

I sadly don’t see that we can be helpful here as Special K’s focus currently lies elsewhere, and that sort of non-breaking visual artifact is a hell to troubleshoot and figure out – even more so as a regular modder without extensive knowledge of the game or shader effects involved.

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Of course, I understand! And I appreciate the response.

I would of course not be making this petition unless I had no other options. This is that case sadly. I personally do not have enough shader/API/coding knowledge to undertake such a task. But considering the amount of time and effort that I’ve already put in to troubleshoot and try to litigate with both Ubisoft and Nvidia on this matter, I am simply trying to look for a lifeline for those who wish to play this amazing game on PC and Nvidia hardware without this very distracting issue.

Stuttering has been a huge priority for SpecialK, but I would argue that this bug is just as intrusive to the experience.

But once again, I really appreciate the help and feedback. :slight_smile: