Assassins Creed Odyssey Splash Screen Stuck


I have both versions of assassin creed odyssey Uplay one and the Steam, one belongs to me and the other is belong to my friend. I have installed the both versions just to test if the issue is within my source but no, this is the issue on Ubisoft and upon search and watching couple of videos and did all suggested to solve the issue but nothing worked. The game is stuck on the Splash Screen and never going through. Reinstalling window might fix this but I have a lot of data and software installed, reinstalling this would waste my week’s time and I can’t do that because I have ongoing clients. Please share if someone has found the solution to this problem. This game was working fine on my previously installed windows 11 but not of the same window 11 currently installed. I found a thread on Special K forum but it was too technical to understand anything. I am very newbie when applying solutions and need some clear pretty basic stuff, I can try some of the advanced solutions if the instruction are clear and not in code words.

One thing more I have checked and verified integrity of the files, disabling enabling the antivirus, updating the windows and AMD Software but no use at all!

Thank you all for your help!


Sadly I must inform you that you’re better off contacting Ubisoft’s support. The issue you’re experiencing has nothing to do with Special K nor is it something we can assist in solving.

A full install of either Steam and Uplay would probably solve it but if you do not want to try that out, contacting the official Ubisoft support is your only option.