API based default_.ini for global injection

So we all love our default_speciak.ini for global injection, but that applies to all display APIs.

What I’m asking for is a default .ini that only applies to certain apis, in my example I’ll use DX9.

So my current default_specialk.ini is tailored around DX11/12 games, since they’re mostly what I play. Here is the ini below for reference:





While I love RenderInBackground=true for DX11/12; for DX9 games I rather manually add it; as in it’s current state it’s a bit hit or miss.

With a default for DX9 games only (global injection), I’m not good at naming; I’d create the same ini file but without the RenderInBackground line; so DX9 games don’t have it added to their .ini.

This is a small QOL change. Would be nice.

This way we can have a default_speciak_api.ini for DX9, DX11, DX12; all with a few different settings making life just that much better!

That is all, thank you!

This is difficult to do, because those API-specific INI files only work on the basis of DLL name. The INI files are loaded before SK has any idea what graphics API a game uses.

So literally, default_d3d9.ini only applies to a DLL named d3d9.dll :slight_smile:

It might be simpler to just add a button to SKIF or SK’s injection compatibility menu to import defaults for a specific API. Or just a button to import an INI in general. SK already supports importing foreign INI files, it’s just not exposed by anything.

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Maybe ping Aemony or something. I don’t know how to use this specific forum software :^)

Thanks for the reply though!

Would genuinely be an awesome feature.

And yea I’m aware the current default_d3d9.ini is for local injection; couldn’t really think of a good “naming scheme” for global.