Advice needed: Where to start with HDR tweaks to get the best results?

Hi guys. Once I have the framework loaded and HDR activated, what are the first few things I must do to tweak the HDR to get a good fit?

I’m currently playing around with peak luminance and gamma settings, but I have no idea what the gamma should be set at or if there are other settings I should be tweaking?

I’m experimenting on my 600-nit HDR monitor (Samsung CHG 32 inch). I’ll also play around on my 1000-nit HDR TV once I know what I’m doing.

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Thanks Aemony. I have read this (multiple times) but it doesn’t help for what I’m requesting. I just want a few pointers on where to start my tweaking to get the best results. Like what are the first 2 or 3 things I should tweak/set? Also, is there a way to A/B, as in turn off SpecialK HDR in game and then back on to see the results vs. the normal vanilla SDR picture?

That’s the purpose of the Horz / Vert processing sliders. You can apply HDR processing to just a portion of the screen, and the other portion will follow the SDR non-std. luminance.

300 cd/m^-2 is roughly the peak luminance level of a typical SDR monitor with the backlight at peak. So that’s the default value for comparison. You can raise/lower the comparison luminance level to whatever you’re accustomed to.

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Thanks, will play around with that now. What should gamma be set at in the HDR widget?

If there were a value it were supposed to be set to, it would be there by default :stuck_out_tongue:

The entire point of the comparison I just discussed is so you can adjust SDR / HDR gamma to balance things out, it’s entirely a matter of preference.

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…I spent a while trying to answer this. It should be zero, ideally. If you set it to 2.2, I learned, then you are not going to get any benefit from the HDR magic. You just get HDR output with exactly what SDR output would give you.

As far as I understand it the best settings are: gamma "zero"ed out, input color space CIE XYZ or Rec 702, output color space CIE XYZ. I also find output to DCI-P3 – the native colorspace of my monitor – works better for some games.

You can play around, figure out which set of color changes are most attractive to you.

Thanks, I’ll check this out. But the default gamma on the widget is 1, and there is no option to make it less than 1. As it is, 1 looks too washed out. Are you referring to the gamma on the monitor/TV?