AC 4 Black Flag injection

Hi, i’m trying injecting SKIF with Black Flag without success; i’ve already tryied what is on the wiki regarding global injection with a file named SpecialK.d3d11, but nothing happens.
Anyone had this kind of problem ?

Do you play with steam or uplay??
cuz i have same issue but with Watch Dogs 2 (uplay). SKIF not hooking to the game.

If it gets far enough to create a config file then these two might need to be disabled.


As the process either the game or UPlay calls DirectX Diagnostics and it tries hitting D3D9 first but the actual game is D3D11 so those two need to be disabled.

Second would be to try without the UPlay overlay and see if that causes any issues compatibility wise, pretty sure it is more compatible than the EA Origin overlay but it gets changed around as the Uplay client updates so I’m not entirely certain on the current status of compatibility between this and SpecialK.

Watch_Dogs 2 specifically is using EAC or Easy Anti Cheat although a earlier version so the command-line argument “-eac_launcher” should work to skip initializing this and allow processes like SpecialK to hook into the game but with multiplayer functionality disabled and a prompt about this at the main menu every time the game is started.

  1. I’ve tried with “Global injection(Enable for non-Steam games)” method and it doesn’t work even with your solution. It doesn’t create the .ini file or any config file. DIsable uplay overlay and disable EAC dont help either

  2. And then i try the “Manually install local wrapper DLLs” method, and it does create the config file with this method and i have to disable the d3d9 and d3d9ex in the config file like you said. It succesfully run the exe, and after that the “easy anti cheat” error window pops out with this error “Untrusted system file” and it refers to the dxgi.dll file (which is renamed SpecialK64.dll file). I’ve manage to disable the EAC by the command-line argument “-eac_launcher” . But still give me the same error even i switched uplay to offline mode.

Replace Silent=False to Silent=True in both instances in the ini. The logging feature of SpecialK sometimes triggers anti-cheat programs.

Tried your suggestion and still gives me error, EAC prevents me entering the game with dxgi.dll file exists.

I think EAC is the problem here.

Thanks for the tips, I’ve managed to make it work with local installation and Uplay overlay disabled