[4K HDR] Control in HDR Special K mod

I will be making HDR video and endorsing your mod its really deserves more attention cause this is really huge. I just launched Bioshock Infinite in HDR and it looked quite legit a lot better than sdr

Thank you for this :slight_smile:

Sorry it’s not easier to use, I’m still heavy in development. Goal is to get it to a one-click solution at some point, with simple controls for users who want to tweak things.

By the way (!!), yeesh. Turn on Special K’s framerate limiter :slight_smile: I know it wasn’t ever explained in the DF video, but Special K’s killer feature is its benchmark shattering framerate limiter.

It gets rid of more latency than any other limiter, while smoothing framerate more than any other limiter, and using less CPU than any other limiter. It’s really unfortunate any time SK is used and the user hasn’t turned on the framerate limiter.

It’s a much smoother, more consistent and lower-latency experience and all you have to do is click the framerate limit button :stuck_out_tongue: There are no downsides.