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In HDR this doesn’t seem particularly practical, but …

Experimenting with a latency histogram that runs behind the frametime graph. Getting it so that both things are legible at once is going to take some work.

     SpecialK64.7z (7.6 MB)

Let me know if it actually seems practical in SDR at least, because I think it’s a really badass feature if I can fine tune it enough. It’s fascinating watching latency go up when the Xbox Game Bar is open, there are lots of things on your system stealing latency from you and you’d never know it when the framerate is 100% stable but latency is not :slight_smile:

Again, this requires flip model or fullscreen exclusive.

Well, in Watch Dogs 2 it basically always states a render latency of 0 frames when the window is active. An inactive window jumps between 0 and 1 frame on the fly.

… Turns out I didn’t even need those additional low latency options :smiley:

Ooo, that sounds cool. Gonna take it for a spin in Watch Dogs 2.

Well, it helps that you have G-Sync active :stuck_out_tongue: Virtually none of this matters if you’ve got the benefit of G-Sync.

Also, when using G-Sync always use the Low Latency Mode in the framerate limiter advanced tab. That changes when the limiting is applied, with it off the CPU creates a frame but it gets delayed until target fps.

With it on, the new frame doesn’t start until target fps. Basically, it polls input closer to the actual image going out onto screen… but it would cause unstable framerates w/o G-Sync.

A minor thing I noticed with the new latency histogram was that it didn’t follow the frame rate histogram perfectly – meaning that occasionally the latency histogram would drift away from the specific frame it concerned.

Yeah, I’m aware of that. The DWM doesn’t update statistics every frame when latency is high… it updates them at the same rate (n-many frames) reported in the UI :slight_smile:

I’ve decided to just fill-in last known good values so that it operates at the same speed as the line graph for frametime.

SpecialK64.7z (7.6 MB)

From what I understand, PresentMon does the same thing. A lot of its data is not actual sampled data points, but just re-using last known values.

What do you suppose the odds of getting a GeForce RTX 3080 before Watch_Dogs: Legion are at this point? :slight_smile: I really thought that by being willing to blow my money on an RTX 3090 K|NGP|N, I wasn’t going to have much trouble in this department. But stock apparently sucked across all SKUs.

I really want a new card before Cyberpunk, Watch_Dogs and Assassin’s Creed. The appeal of 4K/120 and/or 4K/12-bit HDR is just too great. I can sort of do that with my RTX 2080 Ti right now, but the adapter for DP1.4 -> HDMI 2.1 is flaky (Win+Ctrl+Shift+B is needed many times when the signal just doesn’t negotiate correctly) and I know an actual HDMI 2.1 GPU would be a better experience.

Watch_Dogs Legion comes out October 29th with stocks for the 3080 and 3090 getting supplied in smaller quantities from what it’s looking like around early and mid October but any larger quantities could take a while and back orders on top of that as well.

So mid-November is my expectation but even these larger shipments will probably sell out fast though perhaps not hours like with the first two batches here.

EDIT: Kinda hard to put the demand into words.
Microcenter had people queuing to buy these cards about a week before street date if that says anything.

Damn, I’m thinking I’d be better off with a Series X then and just buy this year’s AAA games on console. NVIDIA’s creating sales for AMD consoles, lol.

So, GeForce Experience has absolutely no support for HDR video capture. I don’t know what they were smoking. With my luck they probably want me to turn HDR on using their stupid proprietary crap in NvAPI, which I’m not doing because I already wrote nice portable DXGI HDR code.

AMD’s people have been fooling around on Twitter as well though in a more joking manner rather than anything official.

Perhaps learning a bit from what they pulled with Epyc (Zen for datacenters I think.) and early Vega promotions.

(This one’s a bit milder.)

I have basically given up hope of getting a new GPU this year… friggin hell, the stock situation seems ridiculous.

Initial demand is going to be extremely high and will be split between gamers and smaller work related purposes or app and rendering and such stuff since the Ampere GPU’s have more memory and are outright faster while also costing less than the Pascal series or Turing including the Titan V which I saw listed as 5000$ not sure but I assume some of the floating point and integer precision calculations are also preserved on Ampere instead of at a reduced rate also making them attractive for AI and CUDA overall plus GPU mining.

Unless NVIDIA can get a bigger shipment of cards out world-wide this demand could last months from what I’m thinking and resale value and store prices might also increase further due to said demand and the cards still selling out quickly.

It is the experiment build right?

There’s a toggle in it too for enabling experimental features, I was under the impression that only related to the overclock stuff though.

Stable version being

Hmm and I can see the geo localization thing adding that Sweden/Swedish bit to the URL but it should switch over and the direct download URL’s are there too for convenience.

EDIT: Sudden random Swedish language embedded URL.
Hmm curious, top one remains a link only.

Well I get that all the time in the Steam chat so nothing new.
(Picky thing that, same site and it’s still pretty random as to whether it embeds it or just shows the URL. :stuck_out_tongue: )

NVIDIA GeKraft Upplevelse

Good thing we don’t localize names, generally.

Oh, well I feel stupid now :wink:

We’ll see if this gives any better luck. GeForce Experience’s overlay breaks mouse support in Serious Sam 4 :-\ Kind of an important input device for an FPS. I have to capture any footage using a gamepad.

Oh, and Serious Sam 4 also messes with ASUS Aurasync if it finds the SDK installed on a system.

09/26/2020 13:12:00.023: C:\Program Files\ASUS\AuraSDK\AuraSdk_x64.dll                           :  [aurasdk][AuraToken::InitMutex] Global\AuraSdkTokenMutex ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS
09/26/2020 13:12:00.023: C:\Program Files\ASUS\AuraSDK\AuraSdk_x64.dll                           :  [aurasdk][AuraToken::requireToken] In.
09/26/2020 13:12:00.023: C:\Program Files\ASUS\AuraSDK\AuraSdk_x64.dll                           :  [aurasdk][RogAuraService::SetProfile] In.
09/26/2020 13:12:00.040: C:\Program Files\ASUS\AuraSDK\AuraSdk_x64.dll                           :  [aurasdk][RogAuraService::SetProfile] Out.
09/26/2020 13:12:00.040: C:\Program Files\ASUS\AuraSDK\AuraSdk_x64.dll                           :  [aurasdk][AuraToken::switchToken] In.
09/26/2020 13:12:00.040: C:\Program Files\ASUS\AuraSDK\AuraSdk_x64.dll                           :  [aurasdk][AuraToken::switchToken] Out.
09/26/2020 13:12:00.040: C:\Program Files\ASUS\AuraSDK\AuraSdk_x64.dll                           :  [aurasdk][AuraToken::requireToken] Out.
09/26/2020 13:12:00.040: C:\Program Files\ASUS\AuraSDK\AuraSdk_x64.dll                           :  [aurasdk][CAuraSyncDeviceCollectionImpl::Initialize] In.
09/26/2020 13:12:00.045: C:\Program Files\ENE\Aac_ENE RGB HAL\x64\AacHal_x64.dll                 :  ENE Hal Ver:A_1.00.10 190619a
09/26/2020 13:12:00.045: C:\Program Files\ENE\Aac_ENE RGB HAL\x64\AacHal_x64.dll                 :  SDK got 1 SMB-ctrl(s)!(2)
09/26/2020 13:12:00.050: C:\Program Files\ASUS\AuraSDK\AuraSdk_x64.dll                           :  [aurasdk][CAuraSyncDeviceCollectionImpl::Initialize] _useNewIntfDef(0)
09/26/2020 13:12:00.050: C:\Program Files\ASUS\AuraSDK\AuraSdk_x64.dll                           :  [aurasdk][CAuraSyncDeviceCollectionImpl::Initialize] Start.
09/26/2020 13:12:00.050: C:\Program Files\ASUS\AuraSDK\AuraSdk_x64.dll                           :  [aurasdk][CAuraSyncDeviceCollectionImpl::EnumerateDeviceFromHal] In.
09/26/2020 13:12:00.050: C:\Program Files\ASUS\AuraSDK\AuraSdk_x64.dll                           :  [aurasdk][CAuraSyncDeviceCollectionImpl::EnumerateDeviceFromHal] useNewIntfDef(0)
09/26/2020 13:12:00.050: C:\Program Files\ASUS\AuraSDK\AuraSdk_x64.dll                           :  [aurasdk][CAuraSyncDeviceCollectionImpl::EnumerateDeviceFromHal] Use IAacLedDeviceHal::Enumerate() to get the device count ...
09/26/2020 13:12:00.050: C:\Program Files\ASUS\AuraSDK\AuraSdk_x64.dll                           :  [aurasdk][CAuraSyncDeviceCollectionImpl::EnumerateDeviceFromHal] Use IAacLedDeviceHal::Enumerate() to get the device count - done.
09/26/2020 13:12:00.050: C:\Program Files\ASUS\AuraSDK\AuraSdk_x64.dll                           :  [aurasdk][CAuraSyncDeviceCollectionImpl::EnumerateDeviceFromHal] 1. count = 0
09/26/2020 13:12:00.050: C:\Program Files\ASUS\AuraSDK\AuraSdk_x64.dll                           :  [aurasdk][CAuraSyncDeviceCollectionImpl::EnumerateDeviceFromHal] 2. count = 0
09/26/2020 13:12:00.050: C:\Program Files\ASUS\AuraSDK\AuraSdk_x64.dll                           :  [aurasdk][CAuraSyncDeviceCollectionImpl::EnumerateDeviceFromHal] Out.
09/26/2020 13:12:00.050: C:\Program Files\ASUS\AuraSDK\AuraSdk_x64.dll                           :  [aurasdk][CAuraSyncDeviceCollectionImpl::Initialize] Device not found.
09/26/2020 13:12:00.051: C:\Program Files\ASUS\AuraSDK\AuraSdk_x64.dll                           :  [aurasdk][CAuraSyncDeviceCollectionImpl::Initialize] _useNewIntfDef(0)
09/26/2020 13:12:00.051: C:\Program Files\ASUS\AuraSDK\AuraSdk_x64.dll                           :  [aurasdk][CAuraSyncDeviceCollectionImpl::Initialize] Start.

I saw that in the debug log and thought it was weird. Then I went into the room where I keep my computer ( yeah, it’s in a different room while I am uing it :stuck_out_tongue: ), it changed the lighting exactly like I guess you’d expect after seeing a debug log filled with that.

There’s no option anywhere in the game that controls this, they just do it whether you want them to or not :frowning:

At least their DRM is not choking on Special K this time around though. That’s an improvement for CroTeam games.

These results look promising:

Yep, NVIDIA got HDR video capture perfect. Yay!

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Interesting thought there was usually a toggle for any hooks like that such as with Corsair and Far Cry 5 earlier.

Might be in the full cvar list somewhere though and the config file although things like this you would expect to be part of the in game options if there’s integration with MSI, Razer, Corsair and others for this sort of functionality.

Wonder if the software itself has some hook or something, can’t find much though.
Usually there’s some separate .dll in the game folder somewhere so you know it has support for this.



I tried several games and got washed out colors with nvidia capture in HDR

Question to anyone who plays Mafia Definitive Edition. Does it detect DS4 Controller natively with Steam Controller support off? Haven’t tried it yet. But I am curious if it does have it.

Geforce Experience stated HDR shadowplay for the last update i downloaded, i guess Nvidia made a mistake. I’ll try the experimental build later.

It’s working well for me