Special K v - New "Widget Flash" Mode

Special K v

 + Fixed Missing +/- N.M Frames stat in the Framepacing Widget
 + Fixed DXGI Budget Tracking Thread (VRAM stats) if [API.Hook] d3d12=true
 + Fixed Ys8 when HDR is enabled and game attempts to go Fullscreen Exclusive

 + Add a new "Widget Flash" keybind that briefly shows and then hides a widget

     >> All widgets have a binding for this feature and a configurable duration.

 + Do not HDR remaster MSAA RenderTargets

     >> MSAA Resolve is complicated if the source format has been changed by SK,
          it is not impossible, but more work than I have time for right now.

     Download Special K v   (38.1 MiB)

Source Code (v



hey what`s the format now to add games to the whitelist? name.exe? or directory?

Either would work.

Funny that people are clicking the source code link… maybe they’re not aware that’s what that link is? Or maybe all of a sudden the community gained a lot of programmers? :slight_smile:

The day I find another developer who wants to contribute to the project :heart_decoration:

I’d like to help but from looking through the code I feel kind of out of place there. Windows wise I have only done a bit mfc here and there and that’s it (enough to get headaches just by looking at the c interface Microsoft APIs have) and like no experience in directx or 3d development. :slightly_frowning_face:

If you’ve got some small things which are more general c++ right now to get into that you could point me there and I can have a look. Though I can understand if that would actually make more work for you than help you in that regard, considering most things seem to be more specialized engine issues I would guess.

Yeah, that’s precisely my point here :slight_smile: I am well aware that I am one of few people who can do the really technical stuff. I have put my blood sweat and tears into that, while neglecting general polish that might make things easier for normal users :stuck_out_tongue:

:arrow_up_small::arrow_up_small::arrow_up_small: THAT is what I would most appreciate, developers interested in rounding things out so they’re easier to use.

Do not HDR remaster MSAA RenderTargets

Does that mean we should disable MSAA for the best HDR quality?

Got any specific issues here on your mind where you just don’t have the time to get to? I usually find it easier to poke around in code with a goal to work to.

I have always pictured the widget system as being the place anyone interested in contributing could really cut their teeth and have fun producing a little in-game toy and simultaneously identify any problems in the design.

Widgets are probably the most design-modeled part of the entire software. Everything else is a haphazard mess of features that I needed for one game or another and never spent any time thinking about :stuck_out_tongue:

Even though I have these floating widgets, I’ve never had time to continue fleshing stuff out to, for example, build a log viewer / text editor, command console, customizable OSD text. Those are the sorts of things ReShade has that make it easier to work with. I get too hung up on low-level graphics engine stuff to ever get started on that kind of thing.

SK has all the internal components to build a better command console, it has a text processor with variables and commands and stuff… but I just never got around to making something out of that using ImGui :slight_smile: Instead, there’s a ghetto command line you can open with Ctrl + Shift + Tab that can print 3 lines of text to the OSD.

How do I clear bindings without diggin into the ini file?

Currently, there is no way… I’ll add it to a todo list. I suppose not a lot of key bindings need “Escape?” Maybe I’ll just use that key to close the keybind editor and clear the binding? That, or maybe right click? I think right-click-to-clear sounds great on paper but implementing it will probably be a nuisance.

I vote for Escape as the clear binding command. I was trying that first anyways and of course it bound it :wink:

Done :slight_smile:

The keybinding UI needs some polish, frankly. It gets confusing when editing an existing keybind and there’s already a letter on screen… I don’t know how to make it more intuitive given the primitive tools I have.