Special K v - Control (Steam) fixes and HDR Improvements

  • Fixed unsafe exception handling in Remedy’s (Control) SteamAPI code to prevent crashing

  • Re-enabled Staging D3D11 Texture Mods

  • Added Effective FPS to Framerate Limiter Debug in the Framepacing widget

    Right-click the widget while the Control Panel is open to access its config menu,
    the debug view is a check-box in the bottom-left corner; setting is not saved.

  • Slightly tweaked framerate limiter’s clock skew recovery for less apparent clock resets
    ( Less “wonkiness” when you are running massively below your TargetFPS )

  • Added forced Windowed Mode when engaging HDR

  • Disabled 11:11:10-bit FP HDR remastering by default

    This leaves only 10-bit render passes promoted to full FP16 by default

  • HDR widget now defaults to CIE XYZ for In/Out Colorspaces

  • HDR widget displays new text explaining DCI-P3 and Rec2020 Colorspaces are for debugging only

RE: Display Gamut Color Primaries Reported by DXGI in Win 10 2004

It apears that Microsoft has changed the DXGI runtime to report a monitor’s SDR EDID values
unless software has changed the output colorspace. This differs from all other versions of
Windows, in that they reported native color gamut even in SDR.

This is both good and bad; it should have coincided an easier method to detect if a display is
HDR even if the desktop is running in SDR and/or an API call to temporarily change the DWM

>> 1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back ?

EffectiveFPS measures how much work your CPU is actually being asked to do without requiring you to turn off the framerate limiter, VSYNC, etc. to try and guage this.

If we eliminated the GPU from the equation, this would be your framerate. Benchmarks often refer to this number as “CPU Framerate.”

     Download Special K v (35 MiB)

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Do I enable hdr in windows before? or specialk enables it by itself?

Perhaps I made this a bit confusing… YOU still have to enable HDR, developers do not have the ability to do this. The discussion I had at the end of the CHANGELOG was about changes made in Windows that make it even more difficult to detect that users have HDR-capable displays attached :frowning:

Microsoft’s still got a lot of work to do on making HDR easy to use for users and for developers :stuck_out_tongue:

thank you thank you thank you for exposing this! thats really awesome!
is it possible to show what the GPU would have been able to run at if you didn’t have the cap on? that would be a really valuable number for me to see, to know how much overhead i have at certain caps.

Great to hear. That’ll be a stat the standalone framerate limiter can measure as well, so if someone wants to build a more user-friendly piece of software I’ve done the hard work and they can just use the stats I compute :slight_smile:

BTW, I recall you were interested in my framerate limiting articles,

That’s an outline of what I’m working on. The stuff that’s interesting to write is all in the later sections… kinda wish I could just skip to them without the rambling intro :slight_smile:

thx! nice work!

You have to enable it in windows and using SK you have to click on HDR widget and turn it on and restart game for it to work. Its basically two steps then reboot game and tweak using HDR widget in SK.