Mafia DE not loading special k, how to fix?

Its not a steam game so i loaded it in the list myself, along with a few other non steam games, when i launch Dragon Age for example it shows the menu, but when i launch Mafia DE or The Bureau it wont show

All the steam games seem to show the menu just fine

Global is enabled, im new to special k, i noticed Mafia DE was mentioned in the games list so i got it to try

EDIT: a big issue with global injection can be that the game uses the 2k launcher. There is a command line argument to remove it

Try launching the .exe directly, \mafiadefinitiveedition.exe

Did you try local injecting into the game?

The game is 64bit dx11, so copy and rename SpecialK64.dll to dxgi.dll, and drop said dxgi.dll into your install location.

You can find said .dll at C:\Users[username]\Documents\My Mods\SpecialK

Edit: When using local injection, do not press launch via SKIF; open the game via an icon like you normally would

Report back if that works for whatever reason

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I did that dxgi instruction and i got this error Dropbox - mafia.png - Simplify your life

I did launch the exe directly, i also set the game settings to skip the launcher

Special K is not even loaded right now