Issue with SKIF Whitelist

I’m trying to get the Global Injector to work with FFXIV by utilizing the Whitelist in SKIF. I add the following to the white list:

Program Files (x86)\\SquareEnix\\FINAL FANTASY XIV - A Realm Reborn\\game\\

Which would be the path to the game’s executable. I also tried just the last two segments. But, it still doesn’t inject into the game. I can make it work by putting the “SpecialK.dxgi” file in the same directory as the game, but I wanted to try and do it this way to prevent putting extra files in the directory, just in case that is or becomes some sort of “anti-cheat” check in the future (they already have some pretty permissions, so much so that CEGUI has never worked in the game, no matter what). I’ve been using SpecialK with FFXIV for quite a while now and never had an issue with anti-cheat, but why not make it a little bit harder to trip.

The ONLY thing you need to type in the whitelist is ffxiv_dx11.exe

I had actually tried that before, and it didn’t work. I think I found my issue. SKIF wasn’t creating the “whitelist.ini” file, so it wasn’t saving it and as a result the Global Injector wasn’t picking up my whitelist since it only existed in SKIF’s memory. Didn’t even know to check that till when I reopened SKIF and my whitelist was empty.


I think a lot of us doesn’t notice that there’s suddenly a “Save Changes” button that appears at the bottom when either of the fields are changed.

No, I noticed. It didn’t do anything till I created the file manually.

WTF did Bethesda do to Quake 2?

Uuhhhh… I think I mistakenly held down the key for a while without noticing…

Didn’t even realize it was still there when I took the screenshot.

How did you solve your issue exactly? I am having the same issue where the whitelist is never saved. Where did you create the whitelist file manually, and what did you put inside for it to work?

Documents\My Mods\SpecialK\Global\whitelist.ini is the path to the whitelist.

Just create an empty text document, rename it to “whitelist.ini” (be sure to remove the original file extension ‘txt’), and then just insert the same line as you attempted in SKIF (the file is a direct comparison to what’s shown in SKIF).

Thank you, works great!