Is there a way to set Special K to always use R8G8B8A8 color?

I have a bit of problem with FF15 and current version of Special K ( The game looks washed out like it has brightness filter applied. I think it probably because, with Special K, the game now defaults to R16G16B16A16 color? (screenshot)

I do not have an HDR monitor. Is there a setting I could change to make Special K 0.11 runs this game in R8G8B8A8 color like in older 0.10 version (screenshot)?

Uh, is not released. Where did you get it from? :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a more recent test version of

SpecialK64.7z (7.6 MB)

Game still defaults to R16G16B16A16 color with above test version. (screenshot)

I also tried to run in exclusive fullscreen, hoping I could change color from Special K’s display menu.
But the game just showed grey screen. And when pressing Ctrl+Shift+Backspace, I can see Special K’s cursor but not UI.