Global Injection Client not working with LET IT DIE?

No matter what I do, the new client does not create any files or profiles etc. when trying to start up a game through it, and for now I just specifically want to use it for LET IT DIE. Is there anything I can do to get that working?

I’ve just run the SKIF.exe program, I’ve tried unzipping to the game’s directory, but nothing is working. I’ve made sure that the Global Injection Service is running, as well. It states that the config root is “centralized” and when I look at where it says it is, I see no “profile” folder in “Users/[user]/My Documents/My Mods/SpecialK/.” After launching the game through SKIF, nothing changes.

Use local injection instead. Basically take SpecialK64.dll and copy/paste it to the game folder where its executable resides (it’s an Unreal Engine 4 game, so it’s usually in a subfolder as the executable in the main folder is only a dummy launcher), and name it as dxgi.dll and hopefully it’ll work.

Although looking more into the game, it would seem that it might use some form of anti-cheat nowadays which is likely what’s preventing the injection. We make no guarantees regarding the use of Special K in anti-cheat protected games, as we have no way of affecting the behavior of those products.

So in general, we recommend not using Special K (both local and global injection) in titles where anti-cheat protections might exists.

That actually doesn’t work, I did try that. However, I managed to force creation of a profile and other files by sticking an old version of Special K (one designed for Monster Hunter: World) in there, running the game, letting the Special K thing come up. Then I closed the game, deleted the Version and SKres folders, as well as the .pdb file, and then ran the SKIF launcher. This somehow forced the injection to be successful, I guess. I’m not smart enough to understand why, but it worked.

As for the Anti-Cheat, there kind of is one? But at the same time there isn’t, there’s just a server-side checker to see if any “illegal” modifications have been made to anything on the character, such as an illegal increase in the durability of an item when no durability restoration item was used and things of that nature. They also have something else for TDM to prevent people from cheating in there, banning those that do. There is something in the application that prevents D3D hooking, but all that seems to have done is make streaming pretty difficult to set up for the game. Thank you, though, for your assistance.