Any help for an idiot would be appreciated

So I followed the directs to the best of my abilities ( Not saying much, but I try)… Everytime I open the SKIF, start the Global Injector, make sure its running… Whenever I try to start a game (Dragon Quest 11 in particular), the game never loads. I’ve checked the crash log, nothing is there. It just boots. Am I doing something majorly wrong or is it something simple I’m over looking?

If the crash log exists, but is empty, the problem is normally anti-virus. Bitdefender especially seems to cause problems like this. Also other software that inject into a game could be a problem. Things like the Discord overlay, Nahimic (comes with a lot of MSI and, increasingly of late, Gigabyte products), RTSS, etc. You can try disabling those. Normally those will result in a logged crash, most of the time with no log it is the anti-virus.

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Lol I most definitely have BitDefender. I’ll try disabling it and Discord Overlay and report back. Thank you for your swift reply.

You might have to hunt around in BitDefender’s settings – it’s their Advanced Threat Control module, I believe it’s called, that’s causing the issue. I believe it has a separate whitelist from the active scanners.

Advanced Threat Control basically injects itself into other processes and then overrides various system calls with their own (e.g. file reads/writes, etc), and has historically had all forms of compatibility issues with third-party stuff.

I eventually stopped using BitDefender myself a few years back because Advanced Threat Control more often than not caused various Ubisoft games to not launch at all.

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Okay, you were absolutely correct about BitDefender… It was indeed the cause for lack of even start-up. Now I’m currently just hung at the load screen before the game boots.

It does seem to cause me alot of issues with things sometimes. All I want to do is inject some of these better looking textures into this game :sob: :sob: :sob:

Here’s an image of the message I got when I started DQXI first, then started the Global injections…