Absolutely, cannot get Reshade to work with SK in 'Horizon Zero Dawn'

I know there is already a rambling, exhaustive topic for HZD. I’ve combed it ten times over, and for the life of me simply cannot get Reshade to work alongside SK. I’ve tried renaming the Reshade main .dll every single known alias in the book, I’ve tried to shoehorn it into SK using the config file, I’ve installed the ASI loader .dll and tried doing it that way…

Special K works, and makes the game run like BUTTAH. I just can’t get reshade to work at the same time. Anyone have any ideas to try next? I’ve seen all kinds of discussion for Monster Hunter, another DX12 capable game that people were loading SK/Reshade together with.

I tried adding this to the SK config (dxgi.ini in my local install case):


Okay, but is that outdated? Where would this force SK to look for the Reshade .dll, and what would it need to be named to? If this isn’t necessary, what else can I try? I’ve renamed the Reshade .dll to d3d12.dll, opengl32.dll, etc… Thanks for any help.

I have not checked the ini file content, but to use the in-game GUI to enable it, drop the ReShade DLLs and stuff into:

Documents\My Mods\SpecialK\PlugIns\ThirdParty\ReShade, as ReShade{32,64}.*.

You don’t need any of the reshade injector stuff in the game itself.

note: this is what works for me with a different game. I assume it is the same for HZD, since SpecialK is the same, but YMMV.

This should work:

HorizonZeroDawn-ReShade.7z (8.6 MB)

Set TargetFPS accordingly, that’s pre-configured for someone who was asking about a 30 FPS limit.

And… It works. Flawlessly. This is beyond top tier Patreon service, I’m afraid. Is there any other way to donate to your cause? A way to make a direct paypal payment? You are a God to hardcore gaming.

ps. I did absolutely nothing to the Reshade files other than drop this d3d12.dll into the main game directory. All other Reshade stuff is in stock locations, so reshade.ini in the game dir and all the reshade shaders in a /reshade-shaders under that. It all works, and the SK chime worked too. It is critical that a person makes the game load up without SK first so you can set borderless and HDR, and successfully quit out before running it with SK.

I didn’t see any discussion in the HZD thread about where people are doing primary sharpening - it seems to work just fine for me to force that in the Nvidia .cpl (along with AF/vsync/cap even though SK is probably superseding with it’s own cap).

Honestly Special K is just a little too arcane for the common man, the global injection would be slick as could be but there really is no obvious ‘front end’ for SK and you end up trying to run various SKIM/SKIF to make things work. imo especially for fringe stuff like DX12 only games a local injection is the way to go.

Once again, thanks for all your work over the years, you have once again pulled a miracle fix out of your magician’s hat and made an incredible game just that much better. Companies should hire you out to go ‘direct things’ for a few weeks at these amateur hour port factories, and give lectures to the main programmers as well. If you ever become a true Jedi of DX12 as well I wonder what you could do for RDR2… (using Vulkan, of course!)

You can donate to Kal’s Paypal

Awesome, thanks. plink After Nier, FFXV, and now this… It’s about time.